Who We Are

The financier is one of the most prestigious professions of our time. Specialists of this field of activity are highly appreciated if thefinanciersy are highly qualified. This is not surprising, since the goal of any commercial organization or enterprise is to increase capital. Actually this is what financiers do.
If we talk about the history of the emergence of the profession, then before the financiers called all people who could increase their capital. The ability to manage money is an important skill that has helped to significantly improve the quality of life. In Russia, the profession has appeared relatively recently. Previously, companies and enterprises managed by economists and accountants. Now, taking the foreign experience, the owners and managers of commercial organizations, appreciated the importance of . After all, these specialists, under conditions of severe competition in the market, help to keep the leading positions, develop effective ways of increasing capital.
The word “financier” is of French origin and in translation means “knowledgeable in finance.” The person in this field is engaged in various financial operations. Financiers can get a job in various organizations. These include investment funds and financial companies, economic and financial services, banks and exchanges, state bodies at the federal, territorial and municipal levels. Financiers for work can choose certain financial directions: fiscal, regulatory, foreign economic, insurance, investment, etc. The duties of financiers include: preparation of financial estimates and reports, conducting exchange transactions and taxation, conducting various trade operations, analysis of financial documents.
Who is suitable for this profession?

Becoming a successful financier is a good chance for people who have a good knowledge of mathematical disciplines. These people should have an analytical mind, a good memory, the ability to analyze the information received. Good financiers know how to concentrate on the tasks assigned. In this area of ​​activity, diligence and stress resistance are important. In addition, it is important to have high performance, a desire to achieve the goal.